Graduation Information

General Graduation Requirements:

1)     Seniors did you know you must apply to graduate? Submit a Graduation Application via WIN.

Follow these steps to apply:   Graduation Application Instructions

Please review your DegreeWorks to ensure you have met all the requirements of your degree.

Here are the application deadlines for upcoming graduation(s):

August 2017 – Deadline – August 1st

December 2017 – Deadline – September 16th

May 2018 – Deadline – November 30th

For information about Commencement go HERE

2)     Students must satisfy one of the following options along with a minimum 120 credit hours for graduation:

          1. A single major

          2. A single major and a minor

          3. A single major and a double minor

          4. A single major and a triple minor  (minimum 135 credit hours)

          5. A double major

          6. A double major and a minor (minimum 135 credit hours)

 3)      Distinction levels qualifications:

Summa Cum Laude – not less than a 3.8

Magna Cum Laude – not less than a 3.6

Cum Laude – not less than a 3.4

Grad Fair:  

        Wednesday and Thursday, March xx, 2018, University Bookstore

        Verify degree information, Diploma name and mailing address, order Cap and Gown! 


Congratulations to May-2017 – effective May 15, 2017

Congratulations to December-2016 – effective December 30, 2016

Congratulations to August 2016 – effective August 15, 2016