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Summer School Elsewhere

How to Apply for Summer School Elsewhere

Please note:  For those students who are interested in taking Summer course work through Semester Online refer to the Semester Online website.

Step 1: Decide which course you would like to take somewhere else. Click here to review departmental guidelines for taking summer courses elsewhere.

Step 2: A course is either pre-approved or needs approval. Review the pre-approved list to see if your course is on the list.


lists are “REFERENCE ONLY” and new lists will be posted soon

Pre-approved list by School

Pre-approved list by Department


Click here for directions to have a course approved if it does not appear on the pre-approved list.

Step 3: Submit your completed application (2015 form coming soon – email if you have questions before the form is available). (If your course is not on the pre-approved list, all of the items required in Step 2 must accompany your application.)

Step 4: Once you have submitted your application (and accompanying materials),  check with Candace Speaks to see if your approval has gone through if the course was not on the pre-approved list.

Step 5: Once you are certain your course has been approved and you have submitted your Summer School Application register for the course at the other school.

Step 6: After you have completed the course you must have an official transcript sent to Attn: Candace Speaks c/o Registrar’s Office PO Box 7207 Winston-Salem, NC  27109 .


  • Even if the course you want to take is preapproved, you must submit a SSE Application prior to attending the other school.   
  • You must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA (including spring) before attending another school.  If you believe that you may have lower than a 2.0 cumulative GPA after spring grades are entered, do not register for a first session of summer school at a school other than WFU.
  • Transfer credit is given only for courses taken at 4-year institutions that grant bachelor’s degrees.
  • A student may transfer to WFU no more than 60 hours of credit.  This includes hours taken both prior to and after enrolling at WFU.  Once enrolled, a student may count towards graduation, at most, 30 hours of credit from non-WFU sources.
  • Twelve (12) hours is the maximum allowed to transfer back to WFU in one summer.
  • A student must make a C (not C minus) or higher for a course to transfer.  An official transcript must be submitted regardless of the grade earned and regardless of whether the student wants WFU credit.
  • An official transcript must be submitted if a student withdraws from or officially drops a course or courses.
  • No basic/divisional/major/minor/quantitative reasoning/cultural diversity may be taken on a pass/fail basis.  Pass/fail must be approved prior to registering for the course.
  • Transfer work does not affect the student’s WFU GPA.  Courses may not be repeated elsewhere to replace grades earned at WFU.
  • No student on social or academic probation or suspension from WFU may take coursework at another institution and have that work transferred to WFU for credit.
  • More credit may not be given for a course than is given for the equivalent WFU course.
  • A student cannot take at WFU a course that is equivalent to one previously taken elsewhere for credit.  A student cannot take elsewhere a course that is equivalent to ACC 111, even if the student does not want to get WFU credit for the course.