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First Year Students with Prior College Coursework

Any college-level work done prior to high school graduation must meet the following criteria to be considered for transfer credit:

1. Not used to meet high school diploma requirements.
2. Taken on the college or university (not a high school campus).
3. Taken in competition with a majority of degree candidates of the college or university.
4. Taught by a regular member of the faculty of the college or university.
5. Regularly offered at the college or university, not taken on-line, distance or correspondence.
6. Taken after the beginning of the junior year in high school and yielded a grade of C or better.

If you meet all the criteria specified above, please submit the following information to the Office of the University Registrar at Wake Forest University, P.O. Box 7207, 110 Reynolda Hall,
Winston-Salem, NC 27109-7207.

Please do not submit the information below if you have not met all criteria listed above.

  • Transcripts – An official transcript bearing the Registrar’s seal or its equivalent from the college or university where you earned the credit should be sent directly to the Registrar’s Office.
  • Criteria letter – The criteria letter filled out by your high school guidance counselor AND the college or university where you completed the work, stating you met ALL of the requirements for college work completed prior to high school graduation, should be sent to the University Registrar’s Office. Please download a copy of the letter and submit it to the Office of the University Registrar promptly.
  • Syllabi – For each course taken, a syllabus should be sent to the University Registrar’s Office. A syllabus should contain the course name and number, the professor’s name, the textbook(s) used, the grading rubric, the daily schedule of readings/assignments and the length and types of papers (this is particularly important for English or writing intensive courses).

The Wake Forest University departments listed below do NOT accept transfer work from a 2-year community or junior college:

Business & Enterprise Management
Women’s Studies

English Department Policy for First-Year Students who have College Work

  • No dual-credit or dual enrollment composition course taken during the high school years can be transferred to Wake Forest University.
  • No credit is awarded for English composition course taken in summer semesters.
  • No credit is awarded for courses taken at a community or junior college.
  • First-year students may submit, for evaluation, college courses, taken at an accredited four-year college, taken after the commencement of the student’s junior year of high school. A description of all courses taken, including the syllabi with writing and reading requirements must be sent for consideration.
  • No entering first-year student may receive transfer credit for English Literature.
  • Credit for English 105 is not awarded.

Math Department Policy for First-Year Students who have College Work

  • To receive credit for a math course taken while in high school or the summer immediately following high school graduation, you must take a higher level math course at Wake Forest University and make a C or better.

Students are not allowed to exempt divisional core requirements through the Advanced Placement Examination, the College Level Examination Program, the International Baccalaureate, or non-Wake Forest University college courses taken while dually enrolled as a high school student or the summer after high school graduation. However, with department approval, these courses may earn credit towards the hours required for graduation, not exceeding the limit allowed for transfer credit. Students must complete the required core courses while enrolled at Wake Forest.