Instructions for Setting Up Proxy Access

*Please note that Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser.*

1)     Log into your WIN account.

Step 1


2)     Select Virtual Campus.

Step 2


3)     Under Proxy Services select Proxy Management.

Step 3


4)     Click Add Proxy.

Step 4


5)     Complete your proxy’s first & last Name, e-mail address and verify e-mail address for the person you would like to give access to.

Step 5


6)     Click Add Proxy. A notification email will be sent to your proxy. Now you must complete their profile and grant authorization to pages.

Step 6


7)     Click Expand next to their name on your Proxy Management Homepage.

Step 7



8)     Fill in all fields indicated with an asterisk in the profile tab and any others you would like to change. A relationship must be filled in, in order to continue to authorize pages. (Note: You can control the start and stop dates for which this person has access. The default is 4 years from the start the day you establish their access. You can make these any dates you would like.)

Step 8



9)     Continue to the Authorization tab. (Note: You will not be able to authorize pages if the relationship field has not been completed.)

Step 9


10)  You may select any or all of the services listed for your proxy to view. Those with a check mark will be viewable to your proxy. You do not need to save this form. The check mark provides immediate access. You can click e-mail authorizations and an e-mail will automatically be sent to your proxy indicating the authorizations you have provided them.

Step 10


11)   Click the Communication tab and you will see the e-mails that have sent to your proxy so they may establish their credentials. Your proxy is now set up. He/She has received e-mails with the instructions on how to log on and access the information.

Step 11