Graduation Application Instructions

*Please read the instructions carefully*

1)      Log into your WIN account.

Step 1

 2)      Select Virtual Campus.

  Step 2

3)      Select Apply for Graduation.

Step 3

4)      If you come to a blank page, select Term Selection and it will redirect you to select a term. On that page, select the most current term (e.g. Fall 2014). Once you’ve selected a term and select Submit, it will redirect you to step 5.

(NOTE: If you don’t see a blank page skip to step 5)

 Step 4

5)      Select your Current Program. Verify that your degree program is correct and select Continue.

Step 5


6)      Select the appropriate Graduation Date from the drop down menu and select Continue.

 Step 6

7)      Select one of the following options to indicate your Commencement Attendance and select Continue.

Step 7

8)      Select a Name for your Diploma. Where your name is displayed (e.g. John Robert Smith), that is your Current Name. Your Student’s Name While Enrolled (e.g. John R. Smith) is your preferred name that you have indicated to our office. If both are incorrect, select New and it will redirect you to a page to type in a new name for your diploma. Select Continue after selecting a name.

 Step 8

9)      Select your Diploma Mailing Address. Your Local Address (e.g. 1834 Wake Forest Rd) is where you current live. Your Primary Address (e.g. 100 Park Ave) is typically your main address. If both are incorrect or you prefer your diploma to be sent elsewhere, selection New and it will redirect you to a page to type in a new mailing address for your diploma. Select Continue after selecting a mailing address.

(NOTE: Diplomas take two months to be sent to the address you’ve selected after the graduation date.)

 Step 9

10)  Verify all information before you Submit Request to your Graduation Application.

 Step 10