Transcript Request FAQs

How do I order my transcript?

Current and former students will order electronic or paper transcripts anytime by following the transcript link on the University Registrar web page  The University has partnered with Parchment for the online ordering of all transcripts and the delivery of all electronic-transcripts (official certified pdf).

What is the charge for a transcript?

Transcripts are $2.75 per copy.  Additional fees apply for express delivery of paper transcripts.

What forms of payment are accepted for a transcript?

At the payment stage in placing your online order, a credit or debit cards will be required in order to process your transcript request. The card is charged only after the order is complete.

Can I attach a required form to a transcript order?

You will have an option to upload the required form(s) that must be attached to your official transcript as part of your order process.

What is an electronic transcript?

An electronic transcript (e-transcript) is an official certified pdf document securely delivered electronically to the email address of the recipient you designate.

When I order an e-transcript will I be notified when it is sent?

Order updates are sent to your email address at each step in the ordering and delivery process.  You will also receive notification when the recipient opens your e-transcript.

Can I have an e-transcript sent to myself?

Yes, e-transcripts can be sent to anyone with an email address.  The e-transcript can be opened during the 30 day period starting at delivery.

Can I send my e-transcript to the graduate school or the School of Business at WFU?

Yes, you may send your e-transcript to:

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

School of Business

What is the processing and delivery time for official transcripts?

E-transcripts are normally delivered within an hour of the order being completed.  If there is a problem, you will be notified by email.  Paper transcripts will normally be processed within one business day  of the order (24 hours) being placed.

Can I send my official transcript to more than one destination?

Yes.  As you make your request online and after you have selected the first destination for your transcript, select “Save and Add Another.”

I have a transcript hold on my record. Can I request my official transcript?

You will be able to request an official transcript with a hold on your record, but the transcript will not be sent until the hold has been resolved to the satisfaction of the holding department/office.

If I request "Hold for Grades" on my transcript order, what will happen?

We will not send your transcript until after the faculty grade reporting deadline.  See the current Academic Services Calendar ( for grade reporting dates.

If I request "Hold for Degree" on my transcript order, what will happen?

We will not send your transcript until after your earned degree has been added to your academic record.   This is always after your degree has been conferred.  See the current Academic Services Calendar ( for the degree posting dates.