POI Registration

Using a Permission of Instructor Number (POI) in WIN requires two steps:

1.      Entering the POI Number at a specific location in WIN

2.      Entering the class CRN in Add/Drop and registering for the class

Your instructor has issued you a POI Number….what to do next?


How to Add a Class Using POI on WIN:

·         Log into win.wfu.edu and select “Virtual Campus”>“Permission of Instructor Entry Page”

·         Enter POI number(s) and click “Submit”…THEN Register for the Class

·         Select the “Add/Drop Courses” link from the “POI Submission Results” page

·         Enter the CRN on the Worksheet and click “Submit Changes”


How to “Swap” One Class for Another Using POI on WIN:

·         Enter the POI number as instructed above

·         Select “Add/Drop Courses” as instructed above

·         Click the drop-down menu next the course you want to remove, and change the status to “Drop Via the WEB” but do NOT click submit yet

·         Enter the CRN for the course you want to add in the “Add Classes Worksheet” section.

·         Click “submit”.  The dropped course will be removed and the added course will appear on your schedule. 


Be sure to check your schedule to confirm the schedule changes that you desired have actually been made.  Select “Student Detail Schedule” from the list under “Class Registration and Schedule” and view your class schedule.