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Undergraduate Class Registration

Spring 2017

Dates to Remember (Current Students): Please bookmark the Academic Calendar for upcoming dates to remember.

  • All students, including those currently abroad, must contact their advisor(s) between October 24th – November 4th for advising.
  • Students may be registered in their Major and/or Minor classes between October 24th – November 4th.
  • Add and Drop Period:

First Part of Term:          Last day to add –  Jan 18th

                                          Last day to drop – Jan 27th

Full Term:                         Last day to add – Jan 25th

                                          Last day to drop – Feb 14th

Second Part of Term:     Last day to add – Mar 14th

                                          Last day to drop – Mar 24th

Advising, PIN’s, and Registration Times

  • ALL students, including those currently abroad, must contact their advisor(s) betweenOctober 24th – November 4th.
  • All students MUST have a PIN to access registration through WIN.
  • ONLY an advisor can issue a PIN; the Office of the University Registrar CANNOT issue PIN’s.
  • To find your registration times for Round 1 and Round 2:

1. Login WIN.

2. Select Virtual Campus.

3. Click on Check Your Holds & Registration Status.

Lower Division Advising and Major/Minor Advising/Registration

  •  Lower Division students must make an advising appointment with his/her advisor during the period between October 24th – November 4th.
  • Students with declared majors and/or minors, including those currently abroad, will be advised and can be registered for classes within the major/minor department between October 24th – November 4th. Each academic department governs advising and assignment of registration priorities and most registration procedures during Major/Minor Registration. Automated Waitlisting is not available.


SOPHOMORES: Please visit the department you want to declare your Major or Minor and the department will prompt you further instructions.

ALL OTHER STUDENTS: Students must submit their Major/Minor Declaration Forms to the Registrar’s Office in order to register for Major/Minor courses.

 Registration Help