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Undergraduate Class Registration

Fall 2016

Incoming/New StudentsPlease note the follow dates and information for the upcoming Fall 2016 registration. 

  • Please submit the following before the given due date and registration:

  For more information regarding any of the following, please visit the new students website: NEW STUDENTS

Directed Self-Placement (DSP)                       Due: June 10

Report Incoming AP or IB Score                    Due: ASAP

For more information about and accepted scores for AP or IB, please visit our AP and IB Policies page.

Foreign Language Placement (FLP) Test     Due: July 13

Course Preference Survey (CPS)           Due: July 22

  • Registration Dates and Information to Remember:

Round 1 (Week 1) of Registration: July 18-21 (Self-Registration)

Round 2 (Week 2) of Registration: July 25- August 5

*All self-register courses will take place in Wake Forest Information Network (WIN) .

**New students may register for a total of 10 credit hours during Round 1 of registration.

***For more registration help, detailed instructions and helpful videos on the registration process, please refer to your Forestry 101 book or our Registration How-To page. If you receive a registration error or have other registration related questions refer to Registration Errors and Frequently Asked Questions page.

****For registration advise, please visit the Office of Academic Advising website or contact them at 336.758.3320 to speak to an Academic Advisor.

Dates to Remember (Current and Returning Students): Please bookmark the Academic Calendar for upcoming dates to remember.

  • Advising period & Major and/or Minor registration: March 14th – March 25th
  • Registration Rounds:

Round 1 (Week 1) of Registration: March 28th – April 3rd

Round 2 (Week 2) of Registration: April 4th – April 10th

  • Registration Re-opens: Aug 19th at 8pm
  • Add and Drop Period:

First Part of Term:          Last day to add –  Sept 6th

                                          Last day to drop – Sept 15th

Full Term:                         Last day to add – Sept 13th

                                          Last day to drop – Oct 4th

Second Part of Term:     Last day to add – Oct 25th

                                          Last day to drop – Nov 4th

 Dates to Remember (New and First Year Students):

  • Self Registration: July 18th – 21st

 Registration Help