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Add or Drop Classes

Drop/Add Policy

The Drop/Add period begins on the first day of classes. For approximately the first two weeks of classes, courses may be dropped without permission; adding requires permission of instructor in the form of a POI number, which may be used on WIN. Drop continues for approximately three more weeks after the last day to add. Permission of instructor AND adviser is required. Dropping on WIN is not available during this time. A signed drop slip should be brought to the Registrar’s Office throughout this time.

Adding More than 17 hours

Prior to the start of classes, students may register for 17 hours. To exceed 17 hours requires a dean’s permission. To exceed 18 hours requires additional permission of the CAA (Committee on Academic Affairs). Contact the Dean’s Office (ext. 5311) for additional information on course overloads.

Optional Pass/Fail Courses

Only Juniors and Seniors may elect to register in the Pass/Fail mode. Instructor AND adviser permission is required at all times. To change from graded to pass/fail, students should register for the course as usual then bring a signed pass/fail form to the Registrar’s Office. Changes cannot be processed on WIN. To add the course as optional pass/fail, bring a signed add or p/f form to the Registrar’s Office. In no case may a student change from graded to pass/fail, or from pass/fail to graded after the last day to add a course.


When space is available after the registration of regularly enrolled students, others may request permission of the instructor to enter the course as auditors. An audit may not be changed to a credit course or a credit course changed to an audit after the first official day of classes for each term.

All forms are available online. Go to WIN/Info Central/Forms and Documents/Registrar and select the form(s) you need.