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Important Reminders

  • Prior to the start of classes, students may register for 17 hours. To exceed 17 hours requires a dean’s permission. To exceed 18 hours requires additional permission of the CAA (Committee on Academic Affairs). Contact the Office of Academic Advising (ext. 3320) for additional information on course overloads.
  • Once classes begin, all Add’s require permission of instructor. Permission may be granted in the form of a POI number, which may be used on WIN.  All POI’s must be processed by the last day to add each semester.
  • 12 hours constitutes full-time enrollment at Wake Forest.
  • If you are a North Carolina resident you must enroll in at least 12 hours to be eligible for NCLTG (NC Legislative Tuition Grant).
  • You must have permission from the Dean’s Office to be a part-time student (below 12 semester hours).

When you return to campus…

ALL students (new, continuing, transfer and re-admits) must confirm their presence on campus by “Checking In” at the start of each semester or their registration will be cancelled!

By “Checking-In” you are acknowledging that you will be attending classes this term and will fulfill all associated financial obligations. Go to WIN, then “Virtual Campus”, Under Class Registration and Schedule select Term Check-In and click the Check-In button.

Holds: Students with holds on their records will not be able to Check-In until the hold is removed. To view your holds, go to WIN, then Virtual Campus. Under Class Registration and Schedule select Check Your Holds & Registration Status.


Complete an audit form after registration is over for new students and take it to the Registrar’s Office (Room 110 Reynolda Hall). Auditors may not register online.