Proxy Access Instructions

Instructions for Using a Proxy Account

*Please note that Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser.*

  1. Check your e-mail for two e-mails from Wake Forest University.  When your student creates your Proxy Access account, you will receive two e-mails. One e-mail will indicate that a student has defined you as their proxy and supply the login you will use in the future for logging into the Proxy Services. The other e-mail will require you to take action and complete the set-up of your Proxy Access account. This e-mail will include a temporary ACTION PIN you must use on the web page.
    Proxy Step 1
  2. Click the URL in your e-mail to access your temporary page and use your temporary ACTION PIN that was sent in the Action Password field. You will be directed to a reset PIN web page that will allow you to create a permanent PIN to using going forward.
    Proxy Step 2
  3. You will need to enter the e-mail address your temporary PIN was sent to and the temporary PIN you had received in the e-mail and entered in STEP 2. You will then enter your new password and validate it. (Your new password must be between 6-15 characters and contain one numeric and alphabetic character.)
    Proxy Step 3
  4. You are now at your profile page. Please complete your profile. All fields with an asterisk are required.(Note: You have a button on this page if you ever want to change your PIN.)
    Proxy Step 4
  5. Once you have updated your profile, you may click on the tab with your student’s name to access the authorized pages. If you have more than one student who has authorized you to view their information, you will see a tab for each student.
    Proxy Step 5
  6. When you click on the link to an authorized page, it will launch the page in a new browser window. If you do not see any authorized pages your student did not give you access to any items.(Note: Please speak to your student if there is information you would like to view but are not currently authorized to see. Only your student can authorize you to access his/her information.)
    Proxy Step 6
  7. To exit the Proxy Access System, please close your browser.***Once your setup is complete, be sure to bookmark this link: Proxy Access System for future logins.**