Plan Ahead

Why Create a Plan?

The Plan Ahead tool allows for the creation of draft schedules for an upcoming registration term. Once plans are created, one can be selected and pre-loaded at registration time. Students can quickly and easily register for classes in just a few clicks.

  • Plan out potential schedules and scenarios with different courses
  • Calendar view of plan(s)- can easily spot conflicts, etc.
  • Help guide discussions with your adviser(s) who can also view your plan(s)
  • Register quickly- courses can be imported from desired plan at registration time
  • Register efficiently- just hit “Submit” once courses are imported to be registered

How to Create a Plan

You can plan your classes before registration opens so that you have time to consider your options.


Click the PLAN AHEAD link

Plan Ahead 01

Select the term being planned for from the dropdown (there may be other terms listed)

Plan Ahead 02


Plan Ahead 03 


Click the CREATE A NEW PLAN button

Plan Ahead 04

Search for classes by using the search options

Use the basic search options

Plan Ahead 05

Or advanced search options are available

Plan Ahead 06

Once search criteria have been entered, click the SEARCH button

Plan Ahead 07

In the search results, click the VIEW SECTIONS button to see detailed information on individual offerings 

Plan Ahead 08

Click the title of a section to see class details

Plan Ahead 09

Click any tab on the left to see relevant information

Plan Ahead 10

Add classes to your plan

Click the ADD button to add the desired section to your plan

Plan Ahead 11

The added section will appear in the plan summary panel on the lower right

Plan Ahead 12

To search for additional classes to add to your plan, click the CATALOG SEARCH RESULTS button

Plan Ahead 13

Then click the SEARCH AGAIN button

Plan Ahead 14

Continue to add sections, up to the total number of hours you are allotted for Round 1 

(Students who have major/minor or School of Business registration are allotted 4 additional hours, not to exceed 17 total hours.  Students without major/minor registration will be allotted 8 hours.)

Plan Ahead 15

Save your plan

Save the added section(s) by clicking on the SAVE PLAN button on the lower right corner

Plan Ahead 16

A popup will appear to name your plan. Enter “Round 1 Plan” as the plan name and then click the SAVE button

Plan Ahead 17

In the summary panel, the status of the added sections will change from Pending to Planed once saved

Note that only classes with a status of Planned count toward the Total Planned Hours in the lower left

Pay attention to the status of added classes to ensure that they are saved to your plan

The Schedule panel on the left shows a calendar view of your planned classes

Plan Ahead 18

Create your Round 2 plan

Click the SELECT A PLAN link at the top of the page

Plan Ahead 19

Click the CREATE A NEW PLAN button to begin creating your Round 2 plan

Plan Ahead 20

Repeat previous steps to create a Round 2 plan that will result in full-time status after registering in Round 1 and Round 2.  For example, if you planned for six hours in Round 1, plan for at least six hours in Round 2 to be registered for 12 total hours.

Plan Ahead 21

Note: Planning for sections does not guarantee you will be able to register for those sections


How to Register from Your Plan

Register for the classes on your plan


Plan Ahead 22

Select the appropriate registration term (there may be multiple terms listed)

Plan Ahead 23

Then click the CONTINUE button 

Plan Ahead 24

Click the PLANS tab

Plan Ahead 25

Select the plan that corresponds with the round you are registering for

Click the ADD ALL button

Plan Ahead 26

The planned class sections will appear in the summary panel below

You are not yet registered until you click the SUBMIT button in the lower right to attempt to register for the class sections

Plan Ahead 27

Successful registration will show REGISTERED in the status column

Plan Ahead 28

If you receive a registration error, refer to our Registration Errors and FAQ page.

If the class section you planned for is full, click the VIEW SECTIONS button in the Plans panel to see other options.

Plan Ahead 29

If there is a section that works with your schedule, click the ADD button for that section.

Plan Ahead 30

The course will be added to the Summary panel.  Remember to click the SUBMIT button to attempt to register for the section.

PROTIP: Review your Round 2 plan prior to your Round 2 registration time.  Class sections you added to your Round 2 plan might have closed.  Make adjustments as needed.