The Proxy Access System is available to all individuals who have been established as a proxy by their student and have entered their credentials. If you would like proxy access, you must contact your student.

What is Proxy Access?

Wake Forest students can grant others access to view certain pieces of their information.. This is termed granting “proxy access,” and the other person is referred to as the “proxy.”  The most common scenario is for a student to grant a parent or partner access to their information; however, the student can choose anyone who has an e-mail address. By granting proxy access the student is giving Wake Forest permission to share the selected information with that individual. This permission is necessary to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

The proxy/student relationship is controlled by the student. The student can create proxy user accounts and assign access to specific information. Proxy users can potentially view items such as a student’s class schedule, mid-term and final grades, academic transcript, and student holds. The student can reset a PIN for their proxy and can also choose to stop proxy access to their information. Requests to access student academic information and to become a proxy should be made directly to the student.


  • Student Instructions: Proxy Creation and Set-up
  • Frequently Asked Questions for Students
  • You can set-up a proxy to have access to view your academic transcript, course schedule, holds and registration status, mid-term grades, and final grades. The view will look exactly like if you had clicked on the respective link in your WIN account.
  • Once you have finished set-up, the ‘History’ tab will allow you to view the past authorizations you have approved or disabled for your proxy.
  • Once you have finished set-up, the ‘Communication’ tab will indicate the emails that have been sent to your proxy. You will be able to resend any emails that they may have missed.


  • Proxy User Instructions– Account Set-up and Use
  • Frequently Asked Questions for Proxy Users
  • Questions about the information you are viewing should be directed to the student.
  • Your temporary login and PIN are only valid for 5 days from the date a student creates your account. Please set-up permanent credentials within that period of time.

To access the Wake Forest University Proxy System, after proxy set-up has been completed, you may log in at the Proxy Access Homepage.