Add/Drop: Major, Minor, and Concentration – Student Instructions

  1. Go to Virtual Campus.
  2. Click the “Add/Drop Major/Minor/Concentration” link. A new window/tab will open with your current academic program.
  3. To declare or change a major, minor, or concentration, select the desired option from the appropriate drop-down list.To declare an additional major, minor, or concentration, click “Add Second Major,” “Add Second Minor,” “Add Third Minor” or “Add another Concentration,” respectively. To drop a minor, concentration, or 2nd major, select None Selected. Note: 1st major cannot be dropped.
  4. When finished making changes, click the Request Change button.
  5. The status of the request will be displayed next to the curriculum change request. Drop request status will be displayed in the Drop Academic Program table. When you submit a request for two or more changes at a time, (e.g., to add a major and drop a minor), the entire request (all changes) must be approved before any request is processed.  For example, if you request to add a major and a minor, if only the major has been approved, it will not be processed until the minor is also approved.  Furthermore, the entire request will fail if any one of your requests is denied, even if all other changes are approved.
  6. If the request is returned, an email will be sent with additional instructions.