Staff Responsibilities by Job

Function/Responsibility Name Phone
Academic Certification for Organizations Brooks Brown 336.758.5169
Address Changes Brooks Brown 336.758.5169
Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate Trey Frye 336.758.5168
Athletes Susan Parrott 336.758.5172
Banner System Issues Jarrett Zongker 336.758.2573
Course Exceptions, Substitutions Margaret Clayton 336.758.5170
Course Schedules Trey Frye 336.758.5168
Course Withdrawal/ Late Drop Susan Parrott 336.758.5172
CourseLeaf/ Digital Bulletin Trey Frye 336.758.5168
Curriculum Changes Trey Frye 336.758.5168
Data Analytics Reporting Fagueye Ndiaye 336.758.6185
Data Cleanup Jarrett Zongker 336.758.2573
Degree Audits Margaret Clayton 336.758.5170
Degree Reporting – Official Headcounts Fagueye Ndiaye 336.758.6185
Diplomas Candace Speaks 336.758.5171
Discrepancies (Grades) Shemeka Penn 336.758.3725
Discrepancies (Rosters) Trey Frye 336.758.5168
Enrollment Reporting – Official Headcounts Fagueye Ndiaye 336.758.6185
Enrollment Status Reporting – National Student Clearinghouse Fagueye Ndiaye 336.758.6185
FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act) Registrar Main Line 336.758.5207
Finishing Elsewhere Margaret Clayton
Richard Titus
Freshmen with College Work Richard Titus 336.758.5208
Grades Shemeka Penn 336.758.3725
Graduation Margaret Clayton 336.758.5170
Immunization Registrar Main Line 336.758.5207
Instructor Changes Trey Frye 336.758.5168
Late Add Trey Frye 336.758.5168
Major/Minor Mass Declaration Brooks Brown Susan Parrott 336.758.5169/336.758.5172
Major/Minor Changes Brooks Brown Susan Parrott 336.758.5169/336.758.5172
Name Changes Candace Speaks 336.758.5171
New Technology Initiatives Jarrett Zongker 336.758.2573
Non-Standard Student Enrollment Trey Frye Damian Patterson 336.758.5168 336.758.2521
Online Programs/Courses Sasha Suzuki 336.758.4214
Proxy Candace Speaks 336.758.5171
Readmits Trey Frye 336.758.5168
Registration Trey Frye 336.758.5168
Regulatory Compliance Audits Fagueye Ndiaye 336.758.6185
Repeats Shemeka Penn 336.758.3725
Reporting Fagueye Ndiaye Damian Patterson 336.758.6185/336.758.2521
Student Status Changes Susan Parrott 336.758.5172
Student Systems Access and Security Jarrett Zongker 336.758.2573
Study Abroad – Non-WF Programs Richard Titus 336.758.5208
Study Abroad – WF Programs Richard Titus 336.758.5208
Systems Testing Jarrett Zongker 336.758.2573
Taking Courses Elsewhere Richard Titus 336.758.5208
Transfer Students Richard Titus 336.758.5208
Transcripts Candace Speaks 336.758.5171
Verifications Brooks Brown 336.758.5169
Website Updates Damian Patterson Brooks Brown 336.758.2521/336.758.5169