Fall 2024 Registration Information and Resources

Fall 2024 Registration will occur in Workday!

Take a look at your holds!! Make sure to complete your Student Onboarding Tasks and get your advising hold removed by your primary advisor. You will not be able to register for classes if you have holds.

For New Students (Class of 2028)

  • Beginning today: Login to Workday and complete your Student Onboarding tasks. This is required before the system will permit you to access registration.
  • Monday, July 8 – Friday, July 12: Registration for Fall 2024 courses
  • Friday, August 23: Add/drop begins – you will be permitted to make adjustments to your Fall 2024 schedule after consulting with your Lower Division Advisor.
  • Monday, August 26: First Day of Classes.

Waitlisting is not available for new students during registration week of July 8-12.

Review the Academics section on the New Students website. Planning for Registration provides a comprehensive list of resources to aid incoming students in course selection.

Important Dates For Current Students

  • March 8 – Publication of the Fall ’24 Course Schedule in Workday.
  • March 8 – Start the Onboarding tasks. Completion of onboarding tasks is required to access registration.
  • March 8 – Start creating Academic Plan and Saved Schedules in Workday
  • March 18Registration Appointment available to view in Workday.
  • March 18-29 – All students, including those currently abroad, must meet with their advisor(s).
  • April 1-5 – Self-service registration opens for continuing students per assigned registration appointment. Students may register for a maximum of 17 hours (School of Business registers for 18 hours).
  • April 8 – Students may seek credit overload (see the Office of Academic Advising website for more information). 
  • April 8 – 11: Registration continues as departments and programs adjust reserved seats based on enrollment demands.
  • April 16 – Reserved seats released, except for the seats reserved for incoming Fall 2024 first-year students. Waitlisted students may be added, depending on seat availability.

Please reference the Academic Services Calendar for upcoming dates.

  • Add and Drop Period (Fall ’24 Semester):
Term PeriodLast Day to AddLast Day to Drop
First Part of TermAugust 30September 11
Full TermSeptember 9September 30
Second Part of TermOctober 22November 1

All Continuing Student Advising and Holds

  • All students, including those currently abroad, must be advised by their advisor(s) between March 18 – 29.
  • All students must have their advising hold removed to access registration.
  • ONLY an advisor can remove the advising hold; the Office of the University Registrar CANNOT remove it.
  • Complete your student onboarding tasks to remove the onboarding hold.
  1. Log into Workday > Go to “View Profile” > Click on “Action Items and Holds”

Registration Appointment

  • Registration Appointment will be available to view in Workday on March 18.
  • Earned hours are calculated as of end of Fall 2023 semester excluding pre-college transfer credits (AP/IB credits).
  • Find your registration appointment by logging into Workday > Go to “My Academics” app > Click on “View My Registration Appointments”.
  • Continuing student self-service registration begins April 1-5.
  • Visiting student self-service registration begins July 24.

Automatic Waitlist and Reserved Seats

  • If a course section is full or has a reserved seating rule, then you can waitlist for the course section.
  • Workday will automatically enroll you into the course when a seat becomes available provided you meet the criteria.
  • Once waitlisted, make sure you are eligible for auto-promoted into the next available seat:
    • You meet the course section eligibility rule (e.g., permission of instructor or prerequisite).
    • There are no time conflicts.
    • You are not registered for another section of the same course.
  • Only waitlist for sections you really want as the system will auto-promote you to the first available course section that you have chosen and for which you are eligible.
  • Departments may choose to revise their reserved seating rules during the second week of registration.
  • Starting third week of registration, on April 16, reserved seats will be released except for seats reserved for incoming Fall 2024 first-year students.
  • For instruction on how to waitlist for classes, click here.

Course Section Eligibility

  • Starting March 8, you will be able to submit eligibility override requests.
  • Before registration begins, get override requests submitted for course sections that require “permission of instructor” or for course sections that need prerequisite override.
  • For instruction on how to submit a Course Section Prerequisite Override Request, click here.

Registration Help

  • Learn about Workday. Attend sessions offered through the Project Wakeday and see detailed instructions and helpful videos on the registration process.
  • See Project Wakeday’s Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Students related to WFU’s Workday implementation.
  • See our Registration FAQs page.
  • The Office of the University Registrar staff will be available in person at 110 Reynolda Hall and via Google Chat during extended office hours, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on April 1 – 5.
  • Google Chat is the most efficient way to contact us for assistance during self-service registration.