• Last day to drop with a grade of “W” first part-of-term – Sept. 21 (TU)
  • Deadline for students with an “I” grade to submit completed work to instructor (30 days from start of term) – Sept. 22 (W)
  • Last day to drop a full-term class – Sept. 27 (M)
  • Last day to change from a letter grade to pass/fail in an approved full-term class  – Sept. 27 (M)
  • Last day to change from pass/fail to a letter grade in an approved first part-of-term class (28th class day of the part-of-
    term) – Sept. 29 (W)

The 2021-22 Undergraduate Bulletin is now available.  Please visit to browse courses, review academic policy, and explore programs of study.

WFU is now able to send electronic official transcripts to AMCAS & LSAC.   Please see instructions on sending transcripts below.