DegreeWorks FAQ

  • What is DegreeWorks?

    DegreeWorks is the system of record used to monitor a student’s progress toward his or her degree. DegreeWorks will accurately map each student’s progress toward the selected degree, major, minor, concentration, and/or certificate.

  • Why should I use DegreeWorks?

    DegreeWorks provides a clear picture of the requirements for your degree as well as how your academic history applies to those requirements. You can check DegreeWorks to map out the courses you need to register for, and to make informed decisions about various degree tracks. DegreeWorks should be used as an advising tool, in conjunction with the Academic Advisor.

  • Can I access DegreeWorks on any computer?

    Yes. DegreeWorks is a web-based tool.

  • Which browser do I need to use to access DegreeWorks?

    Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox (Do not use Chrome; there is a “bug” in Google Chrome that prevents users from seeing their degree audit.).

  • I can sign into DegreeWorks but can't see my degree audit. Why?

    If you are in Google Chrome, please log out and use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

    There is a “bug” in Google Chrome that prevents users from seeing their degree audit. If users use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and still have issues, please contact our office as soon as possible.

  • How do I know what classes I need to take?

    Your audit will outline courses needed to meet degree, major, minor, and/or concentration requirements within each specific block. You may then use this information to discuss your plan with your academic advisor.

  • What do the following symbols mean:

    @ = used as a wild card in DegreeWorks. If you see @ with course numbers after it, it means that you can take any subject area within the number range. If @ appears after the subject it means that you can take any course within the subject area.

    complete check = complete

    not complete

    = not complete

    (IP)  = in progress

    (*)    = course is either a pre-requisite or requires a pre-requisite

    in progress= complete except for classes in-progress: this single ~ may appear on a set of requirements using in-progress courses to show completion

    nearly complete = nearly complete (see your advisor): A double ~ indicates additional requirements are needed, and that you are advised to consult your advisor

  • Are my grades available in DegreeWorks?

    Yes. Your grades are visible in DegreeWorks. Final grades, however, may not be visible until grading closes at the end of the semester.

  • Where can I find my major GPA?

    Your major GPA is a calculated GPA based on coursework used to fulfill major requirements. This GPA appears within the major block of your audit.

  • Can I register for classes in DegreeWorks?

    No. DegreeWorks is a snapshot of courses in-progress, planned, and in academic history. Registration will continue to be handled in WIN.

  • Can I see a list of all of the classes I’ve taken?

    Yes, click on the Class History link at the top for a printable list of all courses.

  • Does DegreeWorks include my AP credit and transfer work?

    Once AP scores are received from the College Board and credit is granted they are posted to the student record and will appear on the audit. Likewise, accepted transfer work will also appear.

  • How current will my information be in DegreeWorks?

    DegreeWorks is refreshed every 15 minutes.

  • Can I Print and Save My Audit?

    Yes. You may print your audit using standard printing tools. For the best results, we recommend you use the Save as PDF function. When you use the Save as PDF function, you can print your audit or it can be saved on your computer.

  • Is my information confidential?

    Yes. The only individuals that have access to your DegreeWorks information are you, your advisor and selected staff who will need access for the purpose of supporting your progress to completion of your academic degree.

  • Can I see if my current coursework will fit into a new major?

    Yes. The What-if feature gives you the ability to view how your courses would fit in a new major or minor.

  • What is a What-if?

    The What-if function allows you to see how your current courses would apply toward the fulfillment of a different major or minor. The What-if audit will show you the requirements, how your completed or in-progress courses would specifically apply, and what requirements or courses would still be needed to complete the new program.

  • If I use the What If feature does this mean I have changed my major?

    No. The What If feature is for informational purposes only. You will see the header What If Audit displayed at the top of the audit whenever an audit is run on the What If scenario.

  • Can my advisor see my What If scenario?

    Since What If scenarios are not stored on DegreeWorks, your advisor can only see your results if the two of you work through a What If audit together.

  • What does the new Look Ahead feature do?

    The Look Ahead feature allows students to see how future courses would fit into their degree major, minor, or concentration. DegreeWorks lets you test out courses (whether they are on the schedule or not) by looking ahead. Once you input projected courses, they will appear on your worksheet as Planned Term courses, and you can see how courses will fulfill requirements in your degree.

  • What does the Term Calculator show?

    The Term Calculator will show you your estimated cumulative GPA after you fill in projected grade information. By putting in your current earned credits and GPA and placing your in-progress courses in the table (this all will default in for you) along with the grade you anticipate receiving for each course; you will see a revised cumulative GPA based on the estimates you provided.

  • Is this calculated GPA in Term Calculator guaranteed?

    No. This is an estimate only.

  • Why isn’t there a check mark next to a requirement I’ve already completed?

    Your academic advisor is your primary point of contact. If your advisor determines that your audit is incorrect, he/she will contact the correct office for changes/updates.

  • Who do I contact if my information is incorrect?

    Students should contact their academic advisor if information appears to be incorrect, or is not filtering into requirement areas as expected. Your advisor will work with the appropriate personnel to ensure your audit is updated.

  • I think my audit is incorrect. What should I do?

    Please ask your advisor for assistance. The first step is to clarify what information you believe is wrong. These are the most common problems and courses of action:

    • My major is wrong on my audit.
      If you have not officially changed your major, contact your current advisor for instructions. If you have already officially changed your major, the DegreeWorks audit will only display your active degree audit. If your change is effective for a future semester, the change may not reflect until that semester.
    • The requirements for my major are wrong.
      Look at the catalog term that appears on the major requirements block of the audit (the numbers next to the major title indicate the Bulletin/Catalog year). According to our records this is the Bulletin/Catalog that you are using to complete your major requirements. If you believe this is incorrect, contact your advisor.
    • My transfer courses don’t appear in the right place.
      If you are concerned about a transfer course that should be applying in the audit, contact your advisor.
    • My advisor or department chair gave me permission to substitute a course, but it’s not showing on my audit.
      Talk with your advisor and make sure an email was sent to the appropriate personnel. Once exceptions are entered by the Office of the Registrar, the change will appear on the audit.
    • My minor is missing from my audit.
      If you have not officially declared your minor, contact your current advisor for instruction.
  • I have been cleared for graduation, but DegreeWorks says that I haven’t completed all my requirements. Does this mean that I won’t be able to graduate?

    This can be a timing issue such as posting of grades for the current semester. If you have followed through on requirements you were told to complete, you should still be on track for graduation. Contact your advisor as soon as possible.

  • If all of the boxes are checked, does that mean I’m graduating?

    Be sure to apply for Graduation via WIN. Speak with your academic advisor to assure you are on track to graduate.

  • How do I apply for graduation?

    You need to apply for graduation by the deadline in the academic calendar by completing the Graduation Application in WIN.