General Graduation Requirements

Seniors: Did you know you must apply to graduate? A Graduation Application must be submitted by the deadlines below.

If you are applying to graduate in Summer 2024, please submit your request through WIN.

If you are applying to graduate in Fall 2024 and beyond, please submit your request through Workday. Watch this video on how to apply for graduation.

Along with satisfying core requirements, students must satisfy one of the following options along with a minimum of 120 credit hours for graduation:

Once an application has been submitted, if for any reason the term you plan to graduate needs to be changed, please send an email to so that your existing application can be canceled. This will then allow you to submit a new application for a different term

Graduation Distinctions (Latin Honors)

Graduation distinctions are determined by the grade-point average (GPA) system and are based entirely on grades earned in Wake Forest courses.

Effective for the Class of 2024 and forward: The candidate for a degree with distinction must earn a cumulative grade point average (GPA), based on all grades earned in Wake Forest courses, sufficient to place the candidate in the top 30 percent of their graduating class, with the honors awarded at the following specific percentage cut offs: 

Percentages are calculated on the basis of those degree candidates for May (gpa cut-offs for May candidates will be in-effect for the following August and December degree candidates). Cumulative GPAs will be calculated to three decimal places and truncated without rounding. 


The University conducts one Commencement Ceremony each year in May. Students who have earned their degree the previous August or December are invited to participate in the May ceremony following their graduation. For information about Commencement visit the Commencement website.

Preferred Name on Diploma

Starting with the Spring 2021 graduating class, WFU students will have the option to choose to have their preferred name printed on their diploma. When completing the graduation application in WIN, and verifying your diploma name, make changes on the application as to what name you want printed on your diploma. Each diploma name will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Be mindful if your preferred name differs from your legal name there are a few things that could be an issue in the future: Apostille – diploma apostille can only be provided when using your full legal name. Degree Verification – third parties using preferred diploma name will not be able to verify your degree through the National Student Clearinghouse using a preferred name. Enrollment and degree verifications are provided using your full legal name. Planning to live or work abroad – some countries require your diploma for various legal, immigration, and employment purposes. Choosing to print your preferred name on your diploma may result in complications due to the discrepancy between your diploma name and other documents that contain your full legal name.  Professional Licensing – licensing requirements require you to use your full legal name.  Using your preferred name on your diploma may result in complications or delay (requiring additional proof of identification.

If you decide to change your diploma name back to your legal name after graduation (any time in the future), please note that you will be required to request and pay for a duplicate diploma