For information regarding International Baccalaureate credit earned, course equivalency and exemption please refer to the following chart.

Special Note: Students cannot use IB courses to satisfy divisional requirements.

WFU DepartmentInternational Baccalaureate Subject (Higher Level Tests ONLY)IB ScoreWFU HoursWFU Course Equivalent
ArabicArabic Language6 or 7 5ARB 153
ArtVisual Arts6 or 7 3ART 111
BiologyBiology6 or 74BIO 111
ChemistryChemistry6 or 77CHM 111/Lab & CHM 280 (3)
Computer ScienceComputer Science6 or 74CSC 111
EconomicsEconomics6 or 73ECN 150
EducationGeography6 or 73EDU 271
EnglishEnglish Language6 or 74WRI 111
FrenchFrench Language6 or 73FRH 154
HistoryHistory – Americas6 or 73HST 150
History – European6 or 73HST 102
Mathematics and StatisticsMathematics with further Mathematics6 or 74MST 111
PhysicsPhysics6 or 74PHY 111
PsychologyPsychology6 or 73PSY 151
SpanishSpanish Language6 or 73SPN 154