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The Office of the University Registrar functions as a service office to the Wake Forest academic community and reports to the Provost. Our principal responsibility is to ensure the accuracy, integrity, and security of student academic records/data and to provide various record services.


First Year undergraduates will be able to view their Fall schedules in WIN starting August 17.  However, we are still working on these Fall class schedules and they will not be finalized until August 17.   Associate Dean, Christy Buchanan who directs the Office of Academic Advising will be sending instructions to each First Year student concerning the appropriate ways to address any Fall class schedule concerns.   We respectfully request that First Year students and parents hold any questions about the Fall class schedule until after receiving those instructions.

Academic Departments

The class rosters for summer II (1, 1B, DV & DV2) are now available on the share drive.

Instructors: Final grades for full Summer School and Part of Term 2 are due Friday, August 14th by 12 p.m. (EST). 

Students:  You should be able to see your final grades in WIN after processing is completed later that day.

Registration for Fall 2015

  • For New In-coming First-Year Students:  New In-coming First-year students will self-register the week of July 13th-16th.  See note above for schedule information.
  • For Continuing Students:  WIN Registration for continuing students will be closed from June 7th at midnight and re-open in WIN on August 17th.

Refer to Registration for more information.

Major/Minor Changes

Students must make any desired major or minor changes no later than two weeks prior to the designated advising period in order to guarantee registration during the major/minor sessions. Any changes made after that time will be processed as time allows.

Enrollment Verifications

Students can now print out enrollment verifications online 24/7!  Log onto WIN, select Virtual Campus, and under ‘Your Student Records’ you will see a link to print out a current enrollment verification.

The University Registrar is the only office that has the authority to verify student enrollment. If you have received a scholarship from a non-WFU agency or entity that requires verification of enrollment, go to for instructions on obtaining the necessary verification.


SENIORS! Please check out our Graduation page for the latest graduation information and instruction on how to apply to graduate.

Policies and Regulations

The Academic Bulletin of the Undergraduate Schools is the official document for policies and regulations. Students are responsible for reading and abiding by the official requirements.