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Undergraduate Registration – Fall 2014

Adding a Course

To add a first part-of-term or full-term course, a Late Add will need to be approved by the Office of Academic Advising.  Web registration via WIN with POI (instructions below) for a second part-of-term course remains available until October 21st.

Dropping a Course

Dropping a course in WIN will remain in effect on the following schedule:

First part-of-term (1A): through September 11th

Full term: through September 30th

Second part-of-term (1B): through October 31st

After these dates all drops will have be approved by the Office of Academic Advising.

Registering using Permission of Instructor (POI) Numbers

QUESTION: My instructor has given me a POI Number for her class…what do I do with it?
ANSWERUsing a Permission of Instructor Number (POI) in WIN requires two steps: 
STEP 1: Entering the POI Number at a specific location in WIN.   
STEP 2: Entering the class CRN in Add/Drop and actually register for the class.

POI Instructions

  How to Add a Class Using POI in WIN:

  • STEP 1:  Log into and select “Virtual Campus”>“Permission of Instructor Entry Page.”  Enter the POI number(s) and click “Submit”…

THEN register for the class by….

  • STEP 2:  Select the “Add/Drop Courses” link from the “POI Submission Results” page.  Enter the CRN on the Add Classes Worksheet and click “Submit Changes.

Be sure to check your schedule to confirm the schedule changes have been made.  To do this, under “Class Registration and Schedule” select “Student Detail Schedule” and view your class schedule.


 Instructions to “Swap” One Class for Another Using POI in WIN

Follow the two-step process for adding a class using a POI…. except in STEP 2

  • Select “Add/Drop Courses” as instructed but click the drop-down menu next the course you want to remove, and change the status to “Drop Via the WEB” …but do NOT click Submit yet.
  • Enter the CRN for the course you want to add in the “Add Classes Worksheet” section.
  • NOW Click “Submit”.  The dropped course will be removed and the added course will appear on your schedule.

Be sure to check your schedule to confirm the schedule changes that you desired have actually been made.  Under “Class Registration and Schedule” select “Student Detail Schedule” and view your class schedule.


Review the Fall Class Schedule on WIN

  • Go to WIN and select Virtual Campus.
  • Under “Class Registration and Schedule,” select “Register for Classes Using Class Search.
  • Select the term (Fall 2014) and click “Submit.”
  • Select at LEAST one subject, then choose “Advanced Search.
  • Select any/all needed criteria, then click “Section Search.”

HOLDS must be cleared prior to Registration Rounds appointment times.

  • Check in WIN for any registration holds.  All holds must be cleared before Registration Rounds.
  • Offices such as Finance & Accounting, ZSR, etc. will NOT be available to remove holds after 4 p.m.
  • The Office of the University Registrar staff cannot remove a hold placed by another office.


Waitlist FAQ

Registration Errors and What They Mean

Course Completion Checklists and Forms


Taking more than 17 hrs requires special permission.  You must complete the special permission request form in order to register for more than 17 hrs. Permission of the instructor, your adviser, and the Dean (from the Office of Academic Advising ) are required to complete the form.