Registration FAQs (Workday)

How do I remove advising hold?Reach out to your primary advisor. Only the primary advisor can remove the advising hold.
How do I request for prerequisites or POI override?Go to “Request course section prerequisites Override” and fill out the form.
I accidentally dropped out of my course. Can I be added back into the classes?If there is an open seat and no waitlist, you can add yourself back into the course. Admin will not be able to add students into a course. You must add a course via self-registration. If the course is closed, then please waitlist for the class.
The course I need is open but has reserved seats. What do I do?Waitlist for the course section. If a seat becomes available after reserved seats are removed, you will be automatically added to the course given that you are eligible for it.
What is my registration appointment?Log into Workday > Go to “My Academics” app > Click on “View My Registration Appointments”
When can I request prerequisites or POI override?Students can start requesting for prerequisites or POI override before registration begins. As soon as the schedule is published, you can request it.
Why is my saved schedule not showing up?The saved schedules are separate for each academic period. Meaning if you created a saved schedule for the first part of term, you can’t save the second part of term or full term courses into that saved schedule.