For information regarding International Baccalaureate credit earned, course equivalency and exemption please refer to the following chart.

Special Note: Students cannot use IB courses to satisfy divisional requirements.

WFU DepartmentInternational Baccalaureate Subject (Higher Level Tests ONLY)IB ScoreWFU HoursWFU Course Equivalent
ArabicArabic Language6 or 7 5ARB 153
ArtVisual Arts6 or 7 3ART 111
BiologyBiology6 or 74BIO 111
ChemistryChemistry6 or 77CHM 111/Lab & CHM 280 (3)
Computer ScienceComputer Science6 or 74CSC 111
EconomicsEconomics6 or 73ECN 150
EducationGeography6 or 73EDU 271
EnglishEnglish Language6 or 74WRI 111
French StudiesFrench Language6 or 73FRH 154
GermanGerman Language6 or 74GER 153
HistoryHistory – Americas6 or 73HST 150
History – European6 or 73HST 102
Mathematics and StatisticsMathematics with further Mathematics6 or 74MST 111
PhysicsPhysics6 or 74PHY 111
PsychologyPsychology6 or 73PSY 151
SpanishSpanish Language6 or 73SPN 154