Proxy Access (Student)

Instructions for Setting Up Proxy Access

Please Remember:

  • You can add a new proxy relationship at any time
  • You can change what your proxy can see or have access to at any time
  • You can delete a proxy at any time

Step One:

  • Log into Your WIN Account

Step Two:

  • Select Virtual Campus: Click Proxy Management link

Step Three:

  • Click “Add Proxy
  • Fill in all required fields (first name, last name, email address, and verify email address for desired proxy)
  • Click “Add Proxy” again
  • Once proxy is added, a notification email will be sent to your proxy

Step Four:

  • Click the name of the person you just added to expand the menu
  • Select a relationship from the drop-down menu (only one option)
  • Optional: Change the “stop date” (it defaults to four years)

Step Five:

  • Click the “Authorization Tab”
  • Check the boxes of all records you wish your proxy to have access to (this can be changed at any time)
  • Once the boxes are checked or unchecked, the changes will be automatically saved