1. When an academic program change request is submitted by a student, an email will be sent to the appropriate approver.
  2. Navigate to https://win.wfu.edu/
  3. Click Students, Faculty, & Staff.
  4. Click Virtual Campus.
  5. Click Academic Program.  A new window/tab will open.
  6. Double-click a student in the Academic Program Review.
    • Students have the option to add or drop majors, minors, and concentrations.
    • Multiple requests may have been submitted.
    • If no students are listed, there are no pending changes.
  7. Under Status, select Approved, Denied, Pending, or Return to Student as appropriate.
    • Approved
      • If approving an add, assign one or more advisors from the list.
      • If approving a drop, the University Registrar will review before the update occurs.
    • Denied: no update occurs.
    • Pending: the default status.
    • Return to Student: use to send a message to the student (e.g., if more information is needed).  Status reverts to Pending after message is sent.
    • FYI: When a student requests two or more changes at a time (e.g., to add a major and to drop a minor), the entire request will fail if any change is denied, even if all other changes were approved.
  8. Select a template for the message to be sent to the student. Recommended: Text may be added to the pre-made templates to personalize the message.
  9. Click the Save Academic Program Changes button.
    • The current request will be removed from the Academic Program Review list, unless the Pending or Return to Student status was selected.
  10. Repeat above steps for additional requests, if any.